“Courage is the most important of all the virtues” – Maya Angelou.


Our program uses research-based, empirically-proven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, specifically Exposure Response Prevention (ERP).
This approach targets OCD and Anxiety unlike traditional talk therapy. Our focus is rapid reduction in symptom severity and returning you to the life you wish to live.

We customize treatment to each person’s needs and personality. While treatment challenges and confronts the disorder, we find it most effective to tailor the pace and focus of treatment to what you are willing to do at the time. We will “meet you where you are” in your level of functioning. You won’t be forced to do anything you aren’t ready to do. However, your OCD will be challenged. You will be asked to be courageous and brave.

Our program takes place over two consecutive weeks. If required, a third or fourth weekend can be arranged.